In order to support your business and tailor to your needs there are various associations and associates Dawn works with depending on client requirements.





Dawn is a Coachmatch partner.  Coachmatch is a global network of over 200 of the very best coaches who have been pre-assessed and on-boarded and ready to work with you.  Dawn has achieved significant results working with senior leaders, substantial business experience and a body of coach training with recognised providers.  As a partner Dawn has signed up to maintaining the highest professional standards, engaging in continuing professional development and working with regular coaching supervision or peer support.

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European Mentoring and Coaching Council

European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Dawn is a Large Organisation Liaison Person for the EMCC helping organisations maximise their membership.  A key aim of the EMCC’s is to support organisations to embed high quality coaching and mentoring in their management practice.

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RocheMartin is a trusted leader in emotional intelligence and leadership development.  A key tool they have developed is the Emotional Capital Report (ECR) and the 360 Multi-Rater (ECR360).  The ECR is a scientific tool designed to produce accurate and comprehensive information about emotional intelligence and leadership.  It is a multi-rater assessment, which means that individuals will complete it themselves and invite a number of raters to complete it, so they get 360 data.  The results are discussed in coaching sessions to build more effective leadership skills.  This instrument can be used individually, in teams and to help recruit the right skills for management and leadership roles.  Dawn is an ECR/ECR360 certified coach.

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Mind Gym

Dawn’s an accredited coach for the award winning Mind Gym network of 230 qualified coaches in 30 countries.  Learning Provider of the Year 2015, Mind Gym transforms performance by changing the way people think.

Mind Gym, the original pioneer of the 90-minute session offers over 200 focused workouts for leaders, managers and individual contributors.  Grounded in science and wrapped in a consumer-friendly brand, the experiences are designed to appeal most to the individual so they are excited to learn.


As well as the above professional coaching organisations, Dawn also has a network of coaches and business experts to work with if and when appropriate depending on the size and shape of your assignment.